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The Familiar Space (page 3 - 4)
The Familiar Space (page 3 - 4)
Pressure printing, screen printing, laser cutting on Okawara
9.25 x 10 x .75

An artist book created using the prompts selected from the Artist Book Ideation Card set for an exhibition at Abecedarian Gallery during the summer of 2015. The prompts that were selected are listed below. The pages are full prints with imagery printing on both sides that can be removed from the binding. Edition of 4.

structural prompts
paper - neutral (Okawara)
technique - unfamiliar (pressure printing)
structure - unbound (pages can be removed)
image - self-generated (all made by me!)
layout - across folds (image crosses the folds on both sides of the page)
colors - monochromatic (pink!)
text - process of erasure (laser cut text)

personal, textured, surreal, whimsical, scientific/research based